Tips to Reading books for beginners

Hey guys welcome back to my blogger in today's article I'm going to help you guys develop a reading habit because according to me reading is probably the best habit that you can ever acquire in your life so this video is basically targeted at two types of people.

First of all the beginners who have not really read a lot of books in their lives but they want to be biggest reader.
Secondly it's for people who are readers but not a good reader so that they can develop the reading habit to a greater extent just like I did in the past two years. These are the tips that I'm going to share with you guys which I applied to my life and realized that yes they helped me a lot and by sharing them with you.
I hope that you will be reading a lot more books too so in case you don't read a lot of books after this I don't think we can be sales.
First step to develop reading habits will be to start off by reading short stories short stories are small they are like 10 or 20 pages you can read a lot of them in just a day and the best part is each of them is so different that you are going to love short stories once you get the hang of short stories.
you should move on to novel as now novels are greater than short stories but lesser that novel self they are called not large. They are like baby novels and when you read novel as you do not need to invest a lot of time because novel are like 70 to 150 pages long. And above that it's called normal so yeah!. when you pick up a novel ah you can read it real quick and since you have just got accustomed to reading short stories.
Second tip will be to wake up and read when you go to sleep at night you probably keep your phone aside so don't do that keep your book with you and when you wake up the first thing you do is pick up that book from your side and start reading and that's probably the best start to a morning anybody could have.
Third tip will be to go to sleep at night with a book and that will help you listen to the second tip to write because when you sleep with a book at night obviously after reading it you can wake up and continue reading that book again and that is something that I continuously keep doing I love sleeping with my books I just love it and when I wake up and have that book again I then continue it it's probably the best feeling in the world so make sure you don't miss that feeling.
Fourth tip will be to find out your favorite books I have told you guys this before when I read any book other than the psychotic to legendre it takes me a lot of time to finish them or to get the hang of it and finish the book at all so I prefer psychotic killers as my favorite genre I love short stories equally but if I pick up something like scientific novels or chiller novels it takes me a lot more time that's something that I avoid now because I do not want to get into a reading slump when I get into a reading slump it takes me almost a month to come back out of it so when you're developing a reading habit read books that are only from your favorite genre hopefully you know what's your favorite genre but in case you don't your favorite movie genre is most likely to be your favorite book genre as well
Fifth tip that I have for you guys is to be on this app called Goodreads. Goodreads is an amazing app for all the readers out there even if you are an avid reader because the people at Goodreads are reading all the time you can add friends and see what they are reading what they read and reviewed and rated and then you can pick up your next read and that will help you to read more definitely and lastly make sure that you have a lot of choice of books clip book pick up from they have been these when I have just picked up one book after another and read five pages from each of them and decided that they were not the one for me and it took me like seven for eight books to find out the right book for me and it was possible only because I had a lot of variety to choose from and in case you don't have variety and you are not in mood to read a couple of books then you don't want to just not read at all so keep variety at your hand ask people to give two books buy books you can enter giveaways for books you can heal in case you love books a lot you can slowly start asking for review copies so that you can read more because when you have review copies you will just have to read them to keep your word so yeah you that's a great way to keep cleaning and keep developing your reading habits
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