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Hi guys thank you so much for coming back to my blog. I must told that today we're gonna talk about you know maybe this little. This little platform you know a little teeny-weeny platform call Wattpad.  What that is a free online writing platform where you can read and write stories for free.  I like the platform because it gives riders that never thought they could be published a chance to share and get their stories out there now I've heard a lot of people recently talking about Wattpad.
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How you know a lot of kids are on it and that is true but what fact is actually for all ages not just teenagers in fact a lot of amazing people that you now see on bookshelves came. I really do like what that alright if you have any questions about it if you want to talk more about online writing definitely leave a comment in the comment section below and let me know. if you have any stories down there I would love to read them just you know leave your leave the name of your story and I'll look it up.
Parents do your kids have the Wattpad app what is the what pad app well what pad markets itself to your kids by saying free stories you'll love be entertained and inspired read socially meet readers and writers.  Write your own stories what is what pad what pad is a relatively unmonitored online storytelling community users write and share their stories on Wattpad.
Type of content on Wattpad
Whattpad stories fall into two rating categories mature which is content intended for readers 17-plus and content for everyone content that is appropriate for all ages. While riders are encouraged to rate their stories many stories are unrated there are 45 million Wattpad users. Whattpad users spend an average of 30 minutes on the website or the app 80% of users are under the age of 30. The Washington Post says, “There's a danger of exploitation when the writers are so young and what fact is acting as their agent”. Common Sense Media says “nearly a third of the writings are unrated and some decidedly explicit stuff shows up on Wattpad”. A mom of a teen says “there's loads of inappropriate content teens can easily find inappropriate content plus they can message each other including likely predators another”.
Mom says I discovered my 14 year old daughter was writing stories on this app that were sexually explicit totally inappropriate and publicly shared. Teens are posting explicit and inappropriate stories that are connected to their personal Facebook profiles and it shows their profile photo users can embed inappropriate images and videos into their stories whattpad can be a predatory site since readers have access to writers personal Facebook profiles and email addresses and the app also has private messaging capabilities.
What should Parents do for their childs
Now what can parents do if your teen is interested in creative writing or reading consider encouraging your student to start journaling in a notebook.
Consider planning a trip to a bookstore together so your team can pick out books you've approved or perhaps the library consider alternative ways your teen can share their creative writing publicly with you being able to view every step of the process discuss the types of content that are appropriate for your teen.

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Category of Stories on wattpad. Click to read books of desired category
·         Action
·         Historical Fiction
·         Random
·         Adventure
·         Horror
·         Romance
·         Anime
·         Humor
·         Science Fiction
·         Billionaire
·         Imagines
·         Short Story
·         ChickLit
·         LGBT+
·         Spiritual
·         Creepypasta
·         Mystery
·         Teen Fiction
·         Diverse Lit
·         New Adult
·         Thriller
·         Fanfiction
·         Non-Fiction
·         Urban
·         Fantasy
·         Paranormal
·         Vampire
·         General Fiction
·         Poetry

·         Werewolf

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